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Ospreys Dragon Boat Team  

Client: Ospreys Dragon Boat Team  /  My Role: Graphic Designer 


I was contacted by the owners of the Ospreys Dragon Boat Company and asked to create a logo for their Dragon Boat team. Starting in Summer 2023, the logo would be used to help promote the team's brand identity and activities through social media, print and web campaigns!


After an initial meet-up conversation and a couple conceptualizations (doodles ahoy!), I was able to create a logo that embodied their request for an illustration and mark showcasing the physical features of the Osprey bird species along with the team name. Maintaining a "nature / aquatic" centric palette was also important to the client, so a focus on brown and blue tones were established early on in the process. 


As part of their universal mission statement: The Ospreys Dragon Boat Team will foster community, inclusion, fitness, and sportsmanship through dragon boat racing and training.  The team will run dragon boat practice activities on and off the water and participate in dragon boat racing primarily around the United States and Canada.  The Ospreys will promote the sport of dragon boat racing by showcasing dragon boat and paddling-related activities on and off the water. All are welcome to join and paddle on the team, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity, and ability.

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