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Personal Projects

Even though I have integrated to digital, I still love to draw traditionally!

Ever since I was a young kid, I can still remember running downstairs to the living room in my fav, bunny pajamas on Saturday A.M. with a bowl of cereal twice the size of my face.


Those mornings were spent, like most, practice drawing my favorite cartoon characters and imagining myself as part of their world - What would it be like? Where would I go? Could I travel through Transylvania with Bugs and Daffy on the epic journey to discover which way was Albuquerque? 

My friends would reward me with the best snacks to draw them just about anything (Dunkaroos were my weakness). Eventually, as a form of appreciation for supporting me, giving away my doodles as a thank you became routine and the "Joy-cakes" John Hancock" was born! 

Shout out out to all the friends, family, colleagues and mentors in my life that have supported me through thick and thin. 

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