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Jack's Abby Craft Lagers 

My Role: Designer Exploration / presentation 


I was one of several designers to be invited by Jack's Abby, a national craft beer brand and official craft beer of the Boston Celtics, to give a practical design presentation.


The goal of the presentation was to imagine you are given the opportunity to create a lager (in my case, "JOI LAGER") for Jack's Abby. I was tasked with presenting the project in front of the Jacks' Abby marketing team and leadership. Some of the components of the presentation included mood boards, clientele research, color theory, design strategy and directional level work to demonstrate my personality, presentation ability and creativity.


Since they really wanted to get to know us as people, designers and strategists, I decided to focus my presentation on catering to the target market of video gamers. Over the years, several gaming conventions have begun to focus on adapting local breweries into the food and beverage options on-site. I believe this is a fantastic public relations and marketing strategy - specifically for the adult gamer age brackets of 24-38+. And as a gamer, I gravitate towards it!

This presentation and meetup was a great networking opportunity! Not only did I get to tour the company stomping grounds and present a small, concept project, but I built relationships with experts in the field to last a lifetime and everyone greatly appreciated the presentation.


Hailing from Framingham myself, Jack's is a hometown favorite.

To check out all things Jack's Abby, visit their website here. Go Celtics!

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